Millions of Americans live with an intellectual/developmental disability (I/DD). These disabilities are characterized by limitations in intellectual or cognitive functioning or by a physical impairment that results in difficulties doing common everyday tasks, such as:

  • Taking care of oneself
  • Interacting with others
  • Getting around on one’s own
  • Learning New Skills
  • Making sound decisions

I/DD covers a broad range of disorders, many begin at birth and hamper one’s ability to function in society. Fortunately, Mountain Area Community Services, Inc. (MACS) provides comprehensive, long-term services to help those diagnosed with I/DD become more active and engaged in daily activities. With this support, people with disabilities are able to live much more independently and even gain meaningful employment.

WNC Services for the Intellectually/Developmentally Disabled

Mountain Area Community Services, Inc. (MACS) is a privately held company providing a full spectrum of community and periodic services for families, couples, children, adolescents and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in North Carolina. MACS personnel provide training and support to help all service recipients reach their maximum physical, social, emotional and intellectual potential. Our goal is to enable our service recipients to function as independently as possible and allow them to live in the least restrictive environment appropriate to their needs.

Our Innovations I/DD services include:

  • Supported Employment: With community and local business support, job coaches match jobs to qualified applicants and then provide training and guidance.
  • Community Networking: Our counselors introduce service recipients into a mixed social setting to encourage community life and appropriate social behavior.
  • In-Home Skill-Building: In a familiar setting, counselors provide necessary healthcare and training in everyday activities and therapeutic exercises.
  • Intensive In-Home Support: For children with challenging behavioral or health issues, we provide care in the home, coordinated with the family, to become more self-reliant when performing in-home activities.
  • Individual Caregiver Training/Education: MACS offers individual counseling, training and resources to families, parents and guardians for in-home care.
  • Personal Care: Our staff helps service recipients do necessary daily activities such as bathing, dressing and eating while encouraging them to do these things by themselves.
  • Respite Care: Our staff provides occasional and temporary relief for caregivers, which is especially valuable for intensive care recipients.
  • Long-Term Vocational Support: Our counselors provide follow-along guidance for service recipients who have found or been given employment.
  • Residential Support (Assisted Family Living): Participants receive 24-hour care and live in a private home environment with a family (or individual) where services are provided to address the care and habilitation needs of the participant.
  • Day Support: Day services for adult recipients who want to integrate into a safe community as they learn functional and social skills.

Contact us online or through our regional offices for more information. We accept referrals from case management agencies, family members, guardians, local management entities and concerned individuals.